New pink recycling bank for small electrical items

You may have noticed the new pink recycling bank for small electrical items in the village car park.
What can be deposited in the bin?

Any small item which has a plug, cable or takes batteries can be placed in the new pink collection bank. Please remove those batteries which are not built-in, and recycle these elsewhere. The opening on the bank is about the same size as a piece of A4 paper so will accept items up to about 29cm in their largest dimension. Some examples of suitable items are:

  • Toasters, kettles, sandwich toasters, stick blenders, coffee machines
  • Shavers, toothbrushes, hairdryers, hair straighteners
  • Adapters, chargers, USB cables, extension leads
  • Camcorders, cameras, telephones, smartphones, mobile phones
  • Toys, games consoles, projectors, headphones, e-readers, video players, Walkmans, MP3 players
  • Power tools, small sewing machines, clocks, fans, hand-held vacuum cleaners


Please note that smoke detectors, light bulbs, e-cigarettes, batteries, paints, chemicals or aerosols are not accepted in the bank.

The items are sent to a recycling facility (Wiser Recycling) in Norfolk where they are refurbished for re-use if possible, and dismantled for recycling if not.