The Planning Committee has a maximum of 8 members. Membership is decided at the Annual Parish Council Meeting each year. Its responsibilities are:

  1. To consider planning applications in respect of properties and developments in Melbourn Parish.
  2. To consider planning applications with respect to the Council’s duty to consider the impact of crime and disorder issues in its work
  3. To study relevant plans, visit relevant sites and consider any comments from members of the public before deciding whether to submit comments and/or recommendations of approval or rejection
  4. To ensure that any objections or recommendations are based solely on planning criteria
  5. To consider consultations and correspondence regarding planning issues or issues, including the infrastructure of the village, which may have an impact on planning at local, regional or national level, and to respond on the Parish Council’s behalf as appropriate
  6. To take note of decision notices in respect of planning applications received from South Cambridgeshire District Council
  7. To take note of any new legislation or regulations, changes in policy or other developments affecting the planning process, and any briefings received, and to participate in any relevant training
  8. To liaise with the District and County Councils or organisations regarding planning issues and other issues, including the infrastructure of the village and environmental improvement schemes, which might have an impact on planning
  9. To carry out a) to h) above bearing in mind the management, preservation and enhancement of the village
  10. To undertake training as necessary to support a) to g) above

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