The Parish Maintenance Committee consists of 3-6 Parish Councillors and up to 5 members of the public. It’s aims are:

  • To engage the public and encourage them to become involved in the reporting of maintenance needs and providing practical assistance through structured volunteering.
  • To oversee and manage planned and unplanned maintenance covering the following categories:
    • The Growing Natural Environment that is in the responsibility of the Council (cemeteries, open spaces, playing fields, verges and hedges etc.)
    • Constructions and assets in the open environment (Play Areas and Play Equipment, Fences, Footpaths Benches, Signage etc.)
    • General litter management and village appearance
    • Allotments
    • Drains and drainage
    • Highways
    • Parish Council owned buildings with the exception of Melbourn Community Hub
  • To develop and maintain a schedule of maintenance tasks that allow proper forward assessment of the financial and other resources required by the Council to properly deliver services. This will require the Committee to : –
    • Confirm the Assets requiring maintenance or eventual replacement
    • Agree the frequency of inspection/assessment of condition
    • List the routine maintenance tasks, taking account of seasonal influences and judging where efficiency gains can be made
    • Create a master maintenance schedule
    • Assist with the costing and forward budgeting of the maintenance tasks identified
    • Recommend the provision of material or people resources required to match planned maintenance
  • To assist with the management of maintenance resources, through actively contributing to: –
    • Assistance with contract setting and advice on management of on-going contract work
    • Assistance with recruitment, training and use of volunteers
    • Assisting the Clerk with allocation and scheduling of work done by the Village Wardens
    • Budgeting and Precept-setting for planned and unplanned maintenance
  • To develop new projects and activities that benefit the wider village environment, such as: –
    • Tree, shrub and flower planting schemes
    • Cemeteries forward planning
    • Provision of better infrastructure (signage/seating/footpaths/disability access/drop kerbs etc.)
    • Good management of and improvements to public open spaces
    • Development of play and other facilities for young people
      And bring these to the Council for consideration and approval
  • To assist the Council compliance with guidelines and regulations, including:-
    • Advise on Health and Safety issues, for example when new equipment or activities are involved, including any resulting employee training
    • Recommendations affecting Council public liability and other insurance
    • Cemetery and burial rules and regulations
    • Compliance with safety and maintenance regulations as these apply to Play areas and Play equipment
    • Planning
    • Compliance with specific agreements on the management of Council assets, such as Orchard Road and New Road Cemeteries and Stockbridge Meadows Nature Reserve
    • Assist with the development and setting of a general contract framework

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