Community Awards 2024 – send us your nominations

Melbourn Parish Council proudly present

Community Awards 2024

Winner holding trophy aloft

Do you know someone who has gone ‘above and beyond’ for the village? Perhaps they are tirelessly helping neighbours, volunteering time for a community group or just being an all-round good egg!

This is your opportunity to recognise their efforts. Categories for entry are:

The future is bright!

Anyone under 18 years of age who has supported the community, worked towards a personal goal or has demonstratable plans for the future of the village.

All-round good egg!

Celebrating that villager who stands out from the crowd for being a true asset to the village and those around them. The neighbour that you couldn’t live without, the resident that looks after the street. Anyone you think deserves to be noticed.

Community Superstars

This could be an individual, group or organisation that has improved the environment, community or social wellbeing within the village.

All you need to do is send your nomination to the Parish Office including; the category, the name of the person or group and a few words about why you feel they deserve to be recognised by Monday 29 April 2024.

Share your nominations with Melbourn Parish Council at The Hub / 01763 263303 (option 3)