Planning Meeting 5 March, 2012



Present: Cllrs. P.Simmonett (Vice-Chairman), J. Hales, M. Linnette, A. Mulcock, K.Crosby and R. Gatward
In Attendance: The Clerk, Cllr. Barrett and 2 members of the public.
710/11     Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Wakerley, Sherwen and Poley
711/11     Declaration of Interests: There were no declarations of interest.
712/11     Minutes of the meeting held on 20th February, 2012:

It was proposed by Cllr. Gatward, seconded by Cllr. Hales and agreed that the minutes of 20th February, 2012 should be signed as a true record. This was carried.

713/11 Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising

714/11     Village Car Park:

Cllr Simmonett read out the e-mail from Jenny Clark re: the garages which stated that the report regarding transfer of the garages on the site to the Parish Council would not now take place until 16th May. Cllr Hales said that this time lapse would enable himself and Cllr Barrett to make sure the groundwork was laid with the portfolio holder with regard to the possible contribution of the council towards demolition or restorative costs and to fix the boundary behind the garages.

Cllr Mulcock reported that the recent rain had shown that following the earlier drain clearing, the car park drainage had improved significantly.

The Clerk to check whether or not ADM had carried out a routine maintenance check and whether or not the contractor had found the presence of oil/fats in the drainage system.

715/11 Police Site:

There was nothing to report on this item.

716/11 Village Green registrations:

Cllr. Simmonett reported that all the sites, with the exception of Worcester Way, were now lodged with the Deed of Dedication team. With regard to Worcester Way, it was noted that, although it is a narrow strip of land, it does fall within the qualification size for protection. It was registered as an Open Space.

A discussion followed about the track between Armingford Crescent and Hale Close which is on-going and subject to a meeting between the County Council, residents and councillors. Cllr Hales expressed the councils concern about the prospect about the track clearance being used to open up the site to housing development.

717/11 To consider the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mineral and Waste Local Development Framework.

This was noted.

718/11     Notifications or Planning Consultation documents:

(a)  Notification granting planning permission for change of use from offices (Class B1) to hairdressing salon (Class A1) at 10, The Moor, Melbourn SG8 6ED on behalf of Deborah Clark S/2044/11 was noted.

(b)  Notification of an appeal decision to dismiss the appeal at 9, Triggs Way, Melbourn SG8 6HX S/1391/11 was noted.

(c) Notification granting planning permission for erection of a single storey extension to the side and rear of 30 Hale Close, Melbourn SG8 6ET on behalf of Mr & Mrs Pettit was noted.

719/11 Planning Applications:

(a)  (i) Planning application for a change of use to storage, distribution and retail at Greenlow House, Royston Road, Melbourn SG8 6DG on behalf of Mr John Green S/2475/11 was recommended for approval by 4 votes to 1 with the following comments: ‘The council is concerned that vehicles from this business are being used on the High Street for ‘customer road testing’ the vehicles. It is also concerned with customer parking on the bend in Royston Road’. Before the vots the parking situation in this area was also discussed and the council believes that we should be asking for ‘NO PARKING’ on the wide grass verges on the bend.

(ii) Planning application for 3 Hoardings at Greenlow House, Royston Road, Melbourn SG8 6DG on behalf of Mr John Green S/00287/12AD was recommended for approval by 4 votes to 1 with the following comments: ‘The council would prefer that any signage be in keeping with the rural setting’.

[At this point Cllr Barrett left the meeting]

(b)  Planning application for the erection of detached car port to front (South) of dwelling and new vehicle and pedestrian gates at entrance at Kirkside, 2, Station Road, Melbourn SG8 6DX on behalf of Mr Robert Barrett S/2599/11 was signed with ‘no recommendation’ with the comments ‘personal and prejudicial’.

[At this point Cllr Barrett returned to the meeting]
720/11 Correspondence:

(a)   Letter from Mrs P.K.Ames and C.R.Ames Re: 31, The Moor, Melbourn was noted;

(b)  Letter from Mr W.Baines Re: 31, The Moor, Melbourn was noted;

(c)   Letter from Drs Bill & Kate Young Re: 31, The Moor, Melbourn was noted;

(d)  E-Mail from Jenny Clark Re; the garages on the High Street car Park was dealt with under 714/11

(e)   E-Mail from Guy Adam Re: 31, The Moor, Melbourn was noted.

721/11 Urgent matters:

Cllr Hales reported on the appeal concerning the proposed development in Greengage Rise. It was a lengthy appeal and the residents and representatives of the Parish Council put their case. The decision should be given in 4-6 weeks’ time.


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