Planning Meeting 3 December, 2012


Draft Minutes subject to formal ratification at the next Planning Meeting.

Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting
held on Monday, 3rd December, 2012 at the
Parish Office, Melbourn Village College, The Moor at 7.15pm.

Present: Cllrs. M.Sherwen (Vice-Chairman) J. Hales, P.Simmonett, R.Gatward, M.Linnette and R.Wakerley
In Attendance: The Clerk + Cllr V.Barrett and 5 members of the public
PL119/12  Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Crosby and Tulloch
PL120/12  Declaration of Interests: None
PL121/12  Minutes of the meeting held on 19th November, 2012: It was proposed by Cllr. Simmonett, seconded by Cllr. Hales and agreed that the minutes of 19th November, 2012 should be signed as a true record. This was carried.
PL122/12  Matters Arising: 

PL116/12(c): The tree has now been identified.

PL117/12(b): There will be a meeting between representatives of the Parish Council (Cllrs Hales and Simmonett) and SCDC concerning this plot of land on 18th December.

ACTION: Cllrs Hales and Simmonett

PL117/12(a): The Clerk informed the committee that the work on the tree will not be done this year but may be dealt with from the County Council’s tree budget for next year.

PL118.12: The Clerk informed the committee that a pest control officer has visited the allotments and is reporting back to the Clerk

ACTION: The Clerk

PL123/12  Village Car Park: Cllr Sherwen reported that the fencing at the rear of the car park has been successfully replaced, the section for the contractor’s vehicles has been fenced off and the Safer Route for School access preserved. The sign at the entrance to the car park is being replaced. The Clerk to ask the Handymen to remove the remaining posts. The sign will include the contact details of the Parish Clerk.
ACTION: The Clerk and Cllr Sherwen
PL124/12  To report any further developments in connection with the Police site in the centre of the village: Cllr Hales reported that the work on the drainage scheme will start on 10th December as will the preparation of the Old Police Site for the demolition. Residents have been contacted.
PL125/12  Deed of Dedication registrations: Cllr Simmonett reported that Melbourn has been awarded Community Champion of the UK by Fields in Trust and Cllr Simmonett collected the award at the ceremony on Thursday. Tribute was paid by the committee for all the work done by Cllr Simmonett in bringing this about.
The Old Recreation Ground is still waiting on the Church Commissioners before being finalised.
Worcester Way will not happen this year because of delays with the owners. It should be finalised in the New Year.
ACTION: Cllr Simmonett.
PL126/12  Notifications or Planning Consultation documents:

(a)   Notification refusing permission for garage and gym at 15, Dolphin Lane, Melbourn SG8 6AE on behalf of Mr M. Callaghan S/2139/12/FL was noted.

(b) Notification granting permission for side and rear extension following demolition of existing garage at Fairfields, Newmarket Road, Melbourn SG8 7ND on behalf of Mrs Lesley Zedah S/2107/12/FL was noted.

PL127/12  Planning Applications:

(a) Planning application for the demolition of existing dwelling and creation of 10 new units and associated access at 31, The Moor, Melbourn SG8 6ED on behalf of Windsor Life Assurance Company and Life Trustees Ltd S/2609/11. This was discussed at length with the agent, Mr Chris Anderson, and the members of the public attending the meeting and with regard to the letter received from a resident, and was recommended for refusal with the following comments: (a) we are concerned that the problems raised by a resident of Thatcher Stanfords Close regarding the accuracy of the figures quoted reference the ‘sunshine/shadow factors’ have not been resolved. There is such disparity between the figures quoted and those supplied by the resident that we are concerned about the validity of them and would wish to have information one way or the other. The issue has considerable implications for the residents who feel that this issue has not been investigated seriously by either the developers or SCDC on this or past applications; (b) Again, the issue of off road car parking for visitors has not been resolved and will result in on-road parking. Although the plans may demonstrate compliance with rules and regulations this is not satisfactory in the light of safety (no pedestrian pavements access). The removal of two dwellings seems to have made no difference to this situation and represents an opportunity missed; (c)The PC are still strongly concerned about the added traffic movements in the Moor resulting from this development. No assessment has been carried out to our knowledge although this has been requested. Acceptance of this application without an assessment in light of the known problems is most worrying for the future of all inhabitants of the Moor.

(b) Planning application for the erection of 5 dwellings (comprising one 4 bed bungalow, one 3 bed house, one 2 bed house and 2 1 bed flats (affordable units), and remodelling of the existing public house car park at 29, High Street, Melbourn SG8 6EB on behalf of Letchworth Palaces Ltd S/1796/12/FL. This was discussed at length by the committee together with the letter from a resident and was given no recommendation with the comments ‘concerns on the effect of this development and the reduced pub car parking will have on the High Street in this area.’

(c) Planning application, as above, with an amendment for a proposed 2.5m high acoustic fence to rear and south west of retained garden to Public House; 2m. high brick wall between the car park and plots 1 & 2; revised layout and fenestration arrangement for first floor unit, Plots 1 & 2; proposed replacement glazing for two existing ground floor windows at rear of Public House. This was given no recommendation.

(d) Planning application for the part demolition and loft conversion of existing dwelling and new dwelling at 12 Little Lane, Melbourn SG8 6BU on behalf of Mrs A.Hurley S/2341/12/FL was recommended for refusal with the following comments: ‘Gross over-development of the area. Inadequate car parking in terms of usage, too narrow and will add to existing access/egress problems in Little Lane at either end’.

(e) Planning application for a single storey front, side and rear extensions at 69, Orchard Road, Melbourn SG8 6BB on behalf of Mr & Mrs Stuart Green S/2412/12/FL was recommended for approval without comment.

PL128/12  Correspondence: None
PL129/12  Urgent Matters: Cllr Barrett raised the question of 151-155 High Street, Melbourn which will be discussed at the next meeting of the SCDC Planning Committee on 5th December. Cllr Hales informed Cllr Barrett that both he and Cllr Sherwen will be speaking at the meeting in support of the application.
There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.43p.m.

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