Planning Meeting 1 March, 2010


Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday, 1st March 2010 at the Parish Office, 28 Station Road at 7.15pm.
Present: Cllrs. M. Sherwen (Chairman), V. Barrett, A. Brett, R. Gatward, J. Hales and
M. Linnette.

In Attendance:  The Clerk and one member of the public

The member of the public addressed the meeting with her concerns. She told the meeting that land was being taken from her right of way to a field by a company in the village.  This has been narrowed from 20 feet down to 11feet in places. She explained that this narrowing of the right of way would also have an effect on farmers wanting to get to land where the only access is along the drift track.  The resident was advised to contact the Land Registry to find out if others were also owners of the lane and also to contact her solicitor.
624/09                Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. Benfield, Mowatt, Purbrook and Wakerley.
625/09                Declaration of Interests: None.
626/09                Minutes of the meeting held on 15th February 2010:
It was proposed by Cllr. Gatward and seconded by Cllr. Hales that the minutes of 15th February 2010 should be signed as a true record.
627/09                Matters Arising:

Item 593/09 (Police site in centre of village) Cllr. Gatward enquired if there had been a reply to the letter sent to Andrew Lansley.  The Clerk replied that as yet there had been no reply.

628/09                Village Car Park:
Cllr. Brett reported that in the process of acquiring the lease on the car park the overage clause had been replaced with a restrictive covenant.  Other issues on the lease still need to be dealt with by Mr Larcombe.  The main one being the right of way for owners of the garages. The other issue is the right to make alterations to the car park.
Cllr. Sherwen asked who would own the land that the garages stood on.  Cllr. Brett said that SCDC owned the land.  It seemed that only 4 of the garages are being used at the present time.
It was suggested that to mark out the right of way to the garages, which only need be a single car width, a line could be painted on the ground.
Cllr. Brett reported that the Problem Solving Group is obtaining a report from a car park consultant.  The grant received from SCDC will pay for this report.  The idea was to smarten up the car park and put in planters so that it becomes an asset to the village.
When the report is received the Problem Solving Group will then add its own report which will be given to the Parish Council for its consideration.
The next meeting of the Problem Solving Group is to be held on the 9th March
629/09      Police site in centre of village: There were no further developments to report at the moment.
630/09      White House Farm:  There were no new matters to report.
631/09      Co-operative Store:
A site visit was attended by the following people:  D. Cllr. Barrett, Environmental Health Officer, Acoustic Consultant, Co-op Property Management, Planning Application Agent, Co-op Area Health and Safety Manager, a Resident of Little Lane and X2 refrigeration contractors.
Cllr. Barrett read out a report received from Russell Watkins, Environmental Health Officer (Environmental Protection) from SCDC.
This report dealt with noise issues and how to overcome them.  It was suggested that relocating the condenser pack, retiming of the air conditioning units so that they are not operating at night and housing of the two wall extractor fan points inside the condenser pack (these are currently mounted on the side of the new structure facing the property on Little Lane) would eliminate any potential noise from the fans. The acoustic consultant was confident that a sufficient reduction could be achieved if what had been discussed was carried out.
Cllr. Barrett reported that the problems with the street scene will be looked into on completion of the above works.
632/09                Notifications and Planning Consultation Documents:
(a)                 SCDC – 9 Orchard Road.  Conservatory.  S/1951/09/F. Permission Granted.
(b)                SCDC – 13 Hale Close.   Extension and Alteration.  S/1923/09/F.  Permission Granted.
(c)                There were no further Notifications or Planning Consultations received.
633/09                Planning Applications:
(a)           7 Greengage Rise – Extension.  S/0202/10/F. Recommend Approval
(b)           80 High Street- Conversion of part of outbuilding (Flat 4) to form an independent dwelling, along with an associated fenestration change, following the revocation of the lawful use of Flat 1, 80A High Street as an independent dwelling.  S.0211/10/F.  No Recommendation.
[The Clerk declared a Personal Interest in the next item]
(c)           105 Beechwood Avenue – Extensions.  S/0055/10/F.  Recommend Approval.
(d)            Cambridge Technology Centre, Back Lane – Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Consent S/1824/05/F to Extend Date to 31st December 2015.
Recommend Approval.
The Committee are concerned that this is affectively a second time extension and would ask that this 5 year extension is final.
(e)                There were no further planning applications received.
634/09                Correspondence:
(a)           Copy of letter to SCDC from Mr and Mrs Wing – Land to the South-east of 151-155 High Street.  Noted
(b)                There was no further correspondence received.
635/09                Urgent Matters: There were no urgent matters.
There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.58pm

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