Planning Meeting 2 February, 2009


Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday, 2nd February 2009 at the Parish Office, 28 Station Road at 7.15pm.
Present: Cllrs. M. Sherwen (Chairman), V. Barrett, R. Gatward, D. Hardingham, M. Linnette and R. Wakerley.
In Attendance: The Clerk and two members of the public.
509/08 Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. J. Guest, D. Mowatt and C. Purbrook.
510/08 Declaration of Interests: None
511/08 Minutes of the meeting held on 19th January, 2009:
It was proposed by Cllr. Wakerley and seconded by Cllr. Linnette that the minutes of 19th January 2009 should be signed as a true record.
512/08 Matters Arising:
Item 482/08 (Matters Arising ) (Item 467/08 urgent matters) Cllr. Gatward said that the occupants of Ogden Close had been talked to with regard to the removal of the seat before this matter had been brought up at the full Parish Council meeting. Cllr. Barrett said that no action on this matter had been taken until after the Parish Council meeting.
Item 482/08 (Matters Arising) (Item 416/08) Cllr. Hardingham reported that there was no evidence of a S106 agreement on the Conservation site.
513/08 Parish Facilities:
Cllr. Sherwen reported that both he and Cllr. Robson had received information from Jenny Clark, Lands Officer for SCDC, with regards to the financial spending on the maintenance of the village car park.
514/08 Police site in centre of village:
Cllr. Gatward enquired if Hundred Housing Society had replied to the letter sent by the clerk in connection with the purchase of the village car park. The Clerk replied that as yet no reply had been received.
515/08 Notifications and Planning Consultation Documents:
(a) SCDC – 14 New Road. Extensions to Existing Cottage and Erection of Additional Dwelling. S/1111/08/F. Permission Granted
(b) SCDC – Whitehouse Farm, land adjoining, Cambridge Road, Melbourn. siting of a mobile home and 6 storage containers (retrospective application). S/2435/04/F/AP. The planning application has now been withdrawn.
(c) There were no further Notifications or Planning Consultations received.
516/08 Planning Applications:
(a) Land to the South of The Pink Geranium, 25, Station Road. Dwelling and Garage. S/0034/09/F. Recommend Approval with comments.
4 Votes for: 1 Vote against.
Concerns were made about the roof ridge height in this locality, surrounding houses are predominately bungalows/low roof properties.
The Committee are also concerned about increased usage of the access onto Station Road.
(b) Land to the North-east of 19/21 Dolphin Lane. Erection of Dwelling and Erection of Carport, Workshop and Tractor Store. S/2060/08/F. Planning Application has been amended.
Recommend Approval with comments.
Previously approved by Parish Council. It is happy with the amendments specified in this application.
(c) Land to the North-east of 107 High Street, Melbourn. Dwelling. S/2074/08/F. Planning application has been amended. For information only.
(d) There were no planning applications received.
517/08 Correspondence:
(a) CCC – New sites proposed for mineral and waste development – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan Consultation. Noted
(b) SCDC – Formal Notice of making of a Tree Preservation Order affecting one Plane Tree on land at 7 New Road. Noted
(c) SCDC – Local Development Framework, supplementary Planning Documents. Noted
(d) Letter from Smiths Gore – Church Commissioners. The Old Scout Huts and Recreation Ground, Melbourn. This letter is to be presented to the full Parish Council. In the meantime Cllr. Barrett has taken a copy to seek advice from the legal department at SCDC.
(e) There was no further correspondence received.
518/08 Urgent Matters:
There were no urgent matters.
There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.07pm.

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