Planning Meeting 16 February, 2009

Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting held on Monday, 16 February 2009 at the Parish Office, 28 Station Road at 7.15pm .
Present: Cllrs. M. Sherwen (Chairman), V. Barrett, R. Gatward, J. Guest and M. Linnette

In Attendance: The Clerk and one member of the public

539/08 Apologies for Absence: Cllrs. C. Purbrook and R. Wakerley.
540/08 Declaration of Interests: None
541/08 Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd February, 2009:
It was proposed by Cllr. Barrett and seconded by Cllr. Linnette that the minutes of 2nd February 2009 should be signed as a true record.
542/08 Matters Arising:
Cllr. Guest reported that a letter had been issued to a family member of Mr Bichano with regard to the removal of the mobile and storage containers. The letter gives two months time span to consider what action is to be taken to comply with the planning application.
The Clerk is to write to the Enforcement Officer, Mr. Charles Swain to enquire what progress is being made with regard to the enforcement notice on the garage and workshop.
543/08 Parish Facilities:
There were no matters to report.
544/08 Police site in centre of village:
The letter marked (b) under Correspondence was dealt with at this point.
The Clerk is to write to the Hundred Houses Society saying that the Parish Council would be very pleased to invite a representative to a parish council meeting when the Society had details of its proposals for the site to show to the Council.
545/08 Notifications and Planning Consultation Documents:
(a) There were no Notifications or Planning Consultations received.
546/08 Planning Applications:
(a) Kingsway Golf Centre, Cambridge Road. Replacement Protective Netting. S/1967/08/F. Recommend Approval.
(b) 116 High Street. Extensions, Erection of Car Port and Storage Shed. S/0102/09/F. Recommend Approval.
(c) Application to carry out tree works subject to a tree Preservation Order or situated within a Conservation Area. 157 High Street to fell Leylandii tree in back garden due to it taking light from both garden and house. Intentions to replace with a Silver Birch. No Comments
(d) There were no further planning applications received.
547/08 Correspondence:
(a) E-mail from Elly McKee – Completion of sale of Melbourn Police Station and Houses. Noted
(b) Letter from Hundred Houses Society – Melbourn Community Police Station. Dealt with under Item 544/08.
(c) There was no further correspondence received.
548/08 Urgent Matters:
The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Rob Mungovan with regard to purchasing bird boxes for Stockbridge Meadows Riverside Park, which Rob will put in place on 1st March when a working party is to take place. The meeting gave its permission for these boxes to be purchased.
Cllr. Sherwen reported that the dead shrubs and trees were being replaced by Cox’s Landscape and that the ramp had been revamped to improve the handrails. The Clerk is to contact Manor Kingdom to enquire if a notice with regard to dog walking can be placed on the land at the entrance to the roadway.
There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.55pm.

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