Parish Council 26 September, 2011

<h3 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL</strong></h3>
<h3 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>MINUTES</strong></h3>
<h4>Draft Minutes subject to formal ratification at the next Parish Council Meeting</h4>
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<strong>Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on </strong><strong>Monday, 26<sup>th</sup> September 2011</strong><strong> at All Saints’ Community Hall at </strong><strong>7.15pm</strong><strong>. </strong>
<strong>Present: Cllrs. D. Mowatt (Chairman), V. Barrett, I. Bloomfield, A. Brett, R. Gatward, J. Hales, M. Linnette, A. Mulcock, J. Poley, M. Sherwen, P. Simmonett, C. Stead, </strong>
<strong>M. Townsend and R. Wakerley.</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>In attendance:  The Clerk, Deputy Clerk, C. Cllr. van de Ven and 2 members of the public.</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>339/11 Apologies for absence</strong>:  None
<strong>340/11</strong><strong> Declarations of Interest:</strong> Cllr. Mulcock declared a Personal interest in Item 354/11 (k) as he is acquainted with Mr. Boyle.  Cllrs. Gatward, Simmonett and Sherwen all declared a Personal Interest in Item 353/11 as they were cheque recipients.
Cllr. Wakerley declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest in Item 353/11 as his wife was a cheque recipient.  Cllr. Bloomfield declared a Personal interest in Item 353/11 as cheque recipients Alison Cockburn and Janice Wakerley both worked for her in her capacity as Site Manager for Melbourn Village College.  Cllr. Bloomfield declared a Personal interest in Item 351/11 as she is Site Manager for Melbourn Village College and as such has the responsibility for the library building.
Cllr. Brett and Cllr. Mowatt both declared a Personal interest in Item 347/11 and Item 350/11 as they live on the High Street north east of the crossroads.
Cllr. Hales declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest in Item 354/11 as he is an allotment holder.
<strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong>341/11 Minutes of the meeting held on </strong><strong>22<sup>nd</sup> August 2011</strong><strong>:</strong>
It was proposed by Cllr. Hales and seconded by Cllr. Barrett that the minutes of 22<sup>nd</sup> August be signed as a true record.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>342/11 Matter arising:</strong>
Cllr. Gatward enquired why there had not been an agenda item made with regards to a discussion on the Government’s new Planning document as discussed by Mr Porter at the Planning meeting of 19<sup>th</sup> September.
It appears that this item had been overlooked.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>343/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Report from C. Cllr. van de Ven: </strong><strong> </strong>
<strong><em>Highways jobs done – repairs and improvements to safety and access</em></strong>
<em>Flint Cross – damage done to the new safety scheme late August has been slow to repair due to new technology including solar powered and ‘bounce-back- bollards.  Concern from local people about dangerous environment especially in the dark.   County Council is on the case.</em>
<em>Frog End junction of A10: 50 </em><em>MPH</em><em> signs have now been installed, continuing all the way to Foxton Level Crossing</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>Rail User Group</em></strong>
<em>High-ranking officers from County and First Capital Connect came to recent meeting so there has been some progress on long-term campaign points.  All these are live:</em>
<em> </em>
<li><em>Disabled access on London-bound platform at Meldreth Station: FCC can’t  supply a new Ticket Vending Machine, but may be able to move the TVM from the Meldreth to the Melbourn side.   Railfuture will conduct a footfall on November 10<sup>th</sup> so that we have an informed picture as to most frequent direction of travel.</em></li>
<li><em>Car Park charges – an impassioned plea was made and a promise grudgingly made to look at business case.</em></li>
<li><em>Melbourn PC sponsorship of a platform tub:  Please could the PC provide plants and compost for  winter planting on October 5<sup>th</sup> or 9<sup>th</sup>?  We need one bag of compost and eight pansy or viola plants.</em></li>
<em> </em>
<em>Focus on MAYD and admin teething issues around MVC academy status.  Very positive and constructive (I felt).  Thanks to Val and Peter for their stepping into key volunteer slots.  We are going to look specifically at transport issues for young people at our next meeting in November.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>Signage to MVC in the village – </em></strong><em>raised by Simon Holmes. I am happy to help if and when this comes to the PC agenda.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>Rights of Way</em></strong><em> people have been out today to see Cllr </em><em>Simmonett</em><em> at the </em><em>Water Lane</em><em>/Greengage Rise area regarding their recent works.   The message has gone back to the County team that communication with clerk and local county councillor before works take place is essential.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>Bus subsidy cuts consultation</em></strong><em> now happening.  December 9<sup>th</sup>.  This is something that we have been calling for, from before the decision to cut all subsidies was made.  The consultation is being conducted on-line which may not suit everyone.  I have lots of paper copies if anyone would like one.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>26 bus:</em></strong><em> Concerns have been raised that the 26 bus does not stop at </em><em>Trumpington</em><em> </em><em>Park</em><em> and Ride, which is the southern-most access point for the Guided Bus.  Susan has discussed this with Stagecoach who say that the commercial demand of the 26 is not in access to the Guided Bus, and with County Council, who say that there is ‘no more capacity’ at </em><em>Trumpington</em><em> </em><em>Park</em><em> and Ride. </em>
<strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong><em>County</em></strong><strong><em> </em></strong><strong><em>Farms</em></strong><strong><em> policy on wind farms: call-in successful:</em></strong><em> County cabinet took an unusually autocratic decision recently to ban all wind turbines, of whatever quantity or size, anywhere on its massive land holdings known as </em><em>County</em><em> </em><em>Farms</em><em>.  This includes any prospect of individual small turbines on small-holdings proposed by tenant farmers.  The normal channel for this kind of decision-making is the planning process but the new style of leadership at County is quite single-minded. The cabinet decision is being challenged; a ‘call-in’ of the decision was successful, meaning that the Scrutiny Committee has decided to send the decision back to Cabinet for review, including certain specific recommendations.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em>Local Public Service Agreement Reward Grant:</em></strong><em> County Council is essentially the banker for government money as it is channelled down to agreed local projects.  Much of this grant goes to District Councils for local and community projects, other goes to voluntary organizations.  County has stopped the flow of this cash and withheld it for other projects.  I’ve been approached by the Care Network which had been awarded £59.5K by the government for Community Transport projects.  The County Council has ignored all communication from the Care Network, and its plea that the project is ready to take off pending the LPSA grant. This comes at a time when County is suggesting the community transport take up the slack in the wake of bus subsidy cuts.  Again, this is an example of the new single-minded attitude to decision-making.</em>
<em> </em>
<strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong><em>Public Question time:  Ray Pritchard’s words on the Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP)</em></strong>
<strong><em> </em></strong>
<em>I was asked to provide talk on cycling and sustainable transport at the recent ‘Village Energy Day’ sponsored by the Meldreth and Shepreth Sustainable Energy Partnership.  I discovered significant input from Melbourn people in the day’s presentation.  Is there scope for linking up?  Meldreth and Shepreth SPEP is keen to invite Melbourn to join in.  Could this be an opportunity for the Village Plan Implementation Team?</em>
<em> </em>
<em> </em>
<em>1.CareNetwork Cambridgeshire was founded in 1986.Until 2006/7 its activities were confined to South Cambs,together with one staff member in Fenland.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>2.Its objective is to help isolated,vulnerable,often older people throughout Cambridgeshire.It does this in two ways.</em>
<em>i)Direct Services via volunteers(wehave c130 today)providing non-statutory social help to clients leaving hospital,and help at home.Apart from obvious benefits to clients,the service reduces bed blocking and admission avoidance</em>
<em>ii)Indirect Services;By aiding the establishment and management of Good Neighbour Schemes,Car/Transport schemes,Lunch Clubs in communities across the county.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>Our intent has been to attain countywide coverage and increase scale of operations,to respond to ageing demographics.We are successful,having almost tripled in size since 2007.</em>
<em>Our funding comes from </em><em>CCC</em><em>,NHS,DCs,Chritable Trusts,Corporates,and donations</em>
<em>Our relations with </em><em>CCC</em><em> Adult Services and the NHS are excellent.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>3.In early 2009 we were awarded 3 grants under LPSA,which totalled c£235k over three years ,ending Mar 2012.</em>
<em>viz The development of Direct Services in Fenland</em>
<em> The extension of both Direct Services and Good Neighbour Schemes in </em><em>East Cambs</em><em> </em>
<em> New Community car schemes in </em><em>South Cambs</em><em> </em>
<em> </em>
<em>4.Staff and more volunteers were recruited,and the projects ran well for 16 months.In July 2010 the LPSA funding was stopped without noticeWe,as did others,approached Pickles,Andrew Lansley,and contacts in the DCs.We have ‘lost’ £119k;specifically £49.5k S Cambs,£39k East Cambs and £30k in Fenland.</em>
<em>It was apparent that govt action was dubious,ie breaking a contract,and might be susceptible to judicial review.Whatever the politics/legal position,the cash returned to </em><em>CCC</em><em> many months ago.</em>
<em>Charities were not informed about its return,charities have not been consulted any possible change of use,enquiries met by evasion and waffle,issuing of misleading reports,eg ‘some projects scaled back or never started’,based on nil information and implying the cash was available for other purposes.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>5.The impact of the LPSA stop was considerable,as it represented one-third of our 2010/11 funds.Staff were put on reduced hours,vacancies unfilled,other costs cut,rents delayed,and our small reserves raided.Naturally the project plans had to be shelved.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>6. The restoration of LPSA funds will allow </em><em>CNC</em><em> to resume the projects,which are still totally valid,and provide us with a little more financial resilience.</em>
<em> </em>
<em>7.Finally it is worth stating that </em><em>CNC</em><em>;</em>
<em>i)Eases the financial pressure on </em><em>CCC</em><em> Adult Services and the NHS</em>
<em>ii)Operates locally and encourages ‘localism’ initiatives</em>
<em>iii)Delivers the bulk of its services through Volunteers,ie the Big Society</em>
<strong> </strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[As the time was approaching </em></strong><strong><em>8.00 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em> the Chairman suspended standing orders to allow for public participation]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[The Chairman resumed Standing Orders at </em></strong><strong><em>8.25p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong>344/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>To consider a quotation for work to the Soil Store in </strong><strong>New</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Road</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Cemetery</strong><strong>:</strong>
<strong> </strong>It was proposed by Cllr. Poley that <strong>MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL  ACCEPT THE QUOTATION RECEIVED FROM MORLEY MANUFACTURING PRICED AT £550 FOR THE STEEL </strong><strong>WORK</strong><strong> TO CONSTRUCT A FRAME FOR THE INSIDE OF THE SOIL STORE</strong>.   Seconded by Cllr. Simmonett and <strong>CARRIED.</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>345/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>To consider a quotation for work to </strong><strong>London</strong><strong> Plane Trees situated on the Old Recreation Ground:</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>346/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>The setting up of new Bank Accounts:</strong>
<strong> </strong>The Standing Orders are to be changed to reflect the fact that any bank account which requires four signatures or less for transfers of money from one account to another has to have these signatures take place at a full Parish Council meeting.
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Brett offered to take on the task of filling in the forms required to set up new bank accounts.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>347/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>Ring fencing of funds: </strong>
It was proposed by Cllr. Gatward that <strong>MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL RING FENCE £150,000 FROM RESERVES FOR THE PROPOSED </strong><strong>BUILDING</strong><strong> OF </strong><strong>THE COMMUNITY HUB OR OTHER FACILITIES</strong><strong>.</strong> Seconded by Cllr. Sherwen and <strong>CARRIED with</strong> <strong>11 votes FOR : 2 abstentions.</strong>
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Brett did not vote on this matter having already declared a Personal interest due to the fact that he lives on the High street, north east of the crossroads.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>348/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>Martin’s Charity:</strong>
<strong> </strong>The Clerk was asked to write to the Charity Commission asking if they would be happy for Martins Charity to be wound up as recommended by Moore Stephens, the Council’s external Auditor.  The money in the bank account, which amounts to £719.99 would be put towards a worthy cause which has a similar function.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>349/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Pavilion:</strong>
<strong> </strong>This item is to be removed from the agenda for the present time.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>350/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Police Site:</strong>
<strong> </strong>The Public consultation is still on-going and therefore there is nothing to report on this matter at the present time.
<strong> </strong>A sub-committee of seven members of the Parish Council has been created.  Cllr. Gatward said she would like to be involved with the committee thus bringing the number of members up to eight.
<strong> </strong>The first meeting of the committee will be held on 27<sup>th</sup> September at the Parish Office commencing at 2.00 p.m.
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Mulcock would like the agenda and times of the meetings sent by e-mail to all members of the Parish Council so that if they wished they could attend these meetings.
<strong> </strong>Copies of the agenda and minutes from these meetings are to be placed on the Parish Council notice board and the Press are to be informed.
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Hales spoke about a letter received from Mr. Ian Dewar of CPALC who had congratulated the Council on the way it had given the residents of Melbourn a consultation opportunity on the proposed Melbourn Community Hub. Mr Dewar had said that he was willing to offer his support in this venture.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>351/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>LAP:</strong>
Cllr. Simmonett reported, that following Melbourn Village Colleges move to Academy status, MVC has agreed, that if a new library is to be built on the Police site, the college would continue to pay for the running costs of the current building (i.e. electricity/lighting, water and security), until the library moves out.
The Parish Council has also agreed that it would continue to underwrite the maintenance costs at its present level during this period. To date there has been no maintenance costs.
The PC has agreed that it would also contribute to the demolition of the library building should MVC decide it was no longer viable to maintain the property after the library leaves the premises.
<strong> </strong>The Parish Council has set aside £5000 to help with the running of the library and this could be used towards the demolition costs.
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Mulcock mentioned the room offered to the Parish Council previously for its office and wondered if the library could be moved there.  It was thought that this would not be suitable as the room was on the second floor and there was no lift available.
<strong> </strong>The Clerk was asked to write to the Head of college and inform him that the Council wished to extend thanks to the college and management for their offer of continued support into the near future.
<strong> </strong><strong> </strong>
<strong>352/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Financial Report as at 31<sup>st</sup> August</strong>:  Noted
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[Cllr. </em></strong><strong><em>Bloomfield</em></strong><strong><em> left the meeting at this point the time being </em></strong><strong><em>9.40 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>353/11 Cheques to be signed: <span style=”color: #ff0000;”> <span style=”font-size: x-small;”>&lt;Click on pdf icon</span>&gt;</span> <a class=”pdfppt-link” href=””><img src=”” alt=”” /></a></strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong> </strong>
The Clerk recommended the transfer of £36,000 from the Business No Notice Account to the Current Account.
It was proposed by Cllr. Hales that the cheques be approved and signed, seconded by Cllr. Brett and Carried.
Cllrs. Gatward, Sherwen and Simmonett did not vote on this matter as they were cheque recipients.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>354/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Allotment Rent:</strong>
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Hales felt that the Allotment Association could run the allotments on behalf of the Parish Council.
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[Having declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest in this item Cllr. Hales then left the room the time being </em></strong><strong><em>9.45 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong> </strong>It was proposed by Cllr. Brett that <strong>THE PARISH COUNCIL RAISE THE ALLOTMENT RENTS FROM 1<sup>st</sup> OCTOBER FOR THE YEAR 2011/12 BY 30% ACROSS THE</strong> <strong>BOARD</strong>.  Seconded by Cllr. Linnette and <strong>CARRIED.</strong>
<strong> </strong>The Clerk was asked to explain in the letter that goes out with the allotment bills that the increase was due to intended improvements to allotments and that the council did not intend to make rises of this magnitude each year.
<strong> </strong>It was emphasised at the meeting that allotment holders did not have to join the Allotment Society if they did not wish to do so.
<strong> </strong>The Parish Council intended to measure up all the allotments in the very near future.
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[Cllr. Hales returned to the meeting the time being </em></strong><strong><em>9.55p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong><strong><em> </em></strong>
<strong>355/11 </strong><strong> </strong><strong>Land Adjacent to </strong><strong>35 Metcalfe Way</strong><strong>:</strong>
<strong> </strong>Cllr. Hales explained SCDC policy with regards to disposing of land that requires upkeep.  The Parish Council have expressed interest in the purchase of this parcel of land.  It would cost £1 to purchase and half of the SCDC legal fees, which would be in the region of £300 so the Council’s share would be £150.  There would also be the Parish Council’s legal fees to take into account.  The Council were sure that the members of the public would expect the Parish Council to take care of verges and all small pockets of land in the village.
<strong> </strong><strong><em>[As the time was approaching </em></strong><strong><em>10.00 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em> it was proposed by Cllr. Sherwen and seconded by Cllr. </em></strong><strong><em>Simmonett</em></strong><strong><em> that the meeting continue until </em></strong><strong><em>10.15 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong> </strong>The Clerk was asked to write to Mark Howell and thank him for his consideration in this matter.  She was also asked to include the name and address of the Council’s Solicitor in the letter.
<strong> </strong>
<strong> </strong>It was proposed by Cllr. Simmonett that <strong>THE PARISH COUNCIL  PURCHASE THE </strong><strong>LAND</strong><strong> ADJACENT TO 35 MEDCALF WAY FROM SCDC AT A </strong><strong>COST</strong><strong> OF £1 </strong><strong>PLUS</strong><strong>, HALF OF THE </strong><strong>COST</strong><strong> OF SCDC LEGAL FEES </strong><strong>AND</strong><strong> THE COUNCIL’S OWN LEGEL FEES.</strong> Seconded by Cllr. Brett and <strong>CARRIED.</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>356/11 Correspondence:</strong>
<strong>(a) </strong>Letter from Melbourn Mobile Warden Scheme- thanking the Council for its donation under Section 137 rules for the year 2011/12.  Noted
<strong>(b) </strong>E-mail from David Wherrell – Thanking the Council for its donation to the Royston and District Community Transport Scheme.  Noted
<strong>(c) </strong>Letter from Mr Jim Gillings – Proposed Internment of Saxon Remains.
Cllr. Simmonett has spoken to the family and explained that there had been a misunderstanding with what the press had written with regards to the proposed interment of the Saxon Remains.  He explained that this would not take place till sometime next year.
<strong>(d) </strong>E-mail from Mr John Frampston – concerning the woodland off Royston Road.
This matter is in hand.
<strong>(e) </strong>Letter from Christina Jackson – Victim Support in Cambridge.
The Clerk is to write explain that unfortunately the Council cannot see its way to support this at the present time.
<strong>(f) </strong>Letter from Gill Anderton – SCDC introduction to the Council supported Disability Forum.  Noted.
<strong>(g) </strong>E-mail from Bridget Fairley – Partnership Support Officer SCDC Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership – South Cambs Crime and Disorder Survey.
The Clerk is to post the completed form.
<strong>(h) </strong>E-mail from Mrs Kim Taylor – request to place a bench in New Road Cemetery.
The Clerk is to e-mail Mrs Taylor and inform her that the Council are very pleased to accept the offer of a bench in New Road Cemetery.
It respectfully draws her attention to the following:
The Council would like all seating in the cemetery to come from the same manufacturer, which is Harry Stebbings.
Maintenance of the bench would become the Council’s responsibility.
The decision on the siting of any seating is to be made by the Council.
The Council is to approve any wording that is to be place on any seating.
<strong><em>[As the time was approaching </em></strong><strong><em>10.15 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em> it was proposed by Cllr. Townsend and seconded by Cllr. Hales that the meeting continue until </em></strong><strong><em>10.30 p.m.</em></strong><strong><em>]</em></strong>
<strong>(i) </strong>CCC – Consultation on Review of the Decision to remove all Subsidised Bus Service Funding.
All Councillors have been provided with a hard copy of the form and will fill it in individually.
<strong>(j) </strong>Letter from Mr. John Travis – Environmental and Other Matters.  Noted
<strong> </strong>
<strong><em>The following items were not dealt with due to lack of time.</em></strong>
<strong>(k) </strong>E-mail from Dominic Boyle – Village Broadband.
<strong>(l) </strong>E-mail from Mr John Price – Fly-posting.
<strong>(m) </strong>Cambridgeshire Horizons – Invite to Cambridgeshire Renewables Infrastructure Framework meeting to be held on 28<sup>th</sup> September in the Barbican Room, Shire Hall, Cambridge.
<strong>(n) </strong>Letter from Mr Ray Pritchard – information and quotation for supply of mixed spring bulbs.
<strong> </strong>
<strong>357/11 </strong><strong> Cemetery &amp; Churchyard Inspection Report:</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>358/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>New </strong><strong>Road</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Cemetery</strong><strong>:</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>359/11 Village Car Park:</strong>
<strong> <em> </em></strong>
<strong>360/11</strong><strong> </strong><strong>BMX Trails: </strong>
<strong> </strong><strong> </strong>
<strong>361/11 Neighbourhood Panel:</strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>362/11 Committee Reports:</strong><strong> </strong>
<strong>(a) </strong><strong> </strong><strong>To receive the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 5<sup>th</sup> and </strong><strong>19<sup>th</sup> September 2011</strong>.
<strong>(b) </strong><strong>Highways and Rural Footpaths </strong>
<strong>(c) </strong><strong>Play Areas, Recreation and Youth </strong>
<strong>(d) </strong><strong> Any Urgent reports from Committee Chairmen </strong>
<strong> </strong>
<strong>363/11 Urgent Matters: </strong>
<strong>The Chairman closed the meeting at </strong><strong>10.30 p.m.</strong><strong> </strong>
<h4><strong>Addendum to the Full Parish Council meeting of 26<sup>th</sup> September 2011</strong></h4>
Mr Ray Pritchard addressed the meeting on the matter of renewable energy.  He felt that a Sustainability agenda was needed by the Council.  He produced lots of leaflets to show different ways of saving energy.  Mr Pritchard would like Melbourn to be a true sustainable village.
The village of Coton has formed a bulk buy group for the purchase of solar photovoltaic panels.
The villages of  Shepreth and Meldreth are holding a Village Energy day at Shepreth village hall on 10<sup>th</sup> September and Melbourn is invited to join them. Mr Pritchard asked the Parish Council to support this group.  He asked the Parish Council to write to SCDC requesting that they place renewable energy systems in all new houses and in all existing council houses.
He would like Melbourn to have a proactive approach to renewable energy.  He would also like businesses to be asked what their plans were for renewable energy.
C. Cllr van de Ven said that riding bikes can save you money.  She has been asked to give a talk on this at the Village energy day on 10<sup>th</sup> September at Shepreth village hall.
Mr Porter addressed the meeting and spoke with regards to the National Planning policy.  He was very concerned what could happen to Melbourn.  He said he knows that houses are needed but there are to be 2000 houses lumped in the Countryside.  He felt that a village needed a heart, which Melbourn still had at the moment.  The Government has the last say on this matter and Mr Porter wanted to know where the input from the public was.
He has placed articles in both the Crow and Cambridge News on this subject.  He feels that Developers are grabbing land and just sitting on it.
Cllr. Barrett said that SCDC are to place 500 solar panels on their properties.  She read out part of a report she had received from the Planning Policy Portfolio Holders meeting.

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