Parish Council 17 December, 2012


Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Monday,
17th December, 2012 at The Parish Office at 7.15pm.

Present: Cllrs. D.Mowatt (Chairman), M.Townsend, I. Bloomfield R. Gatward, J. Hales, M. Linnette, M. Sherwen, P. Simmonett, C. Stead, V.Barrett, R.Wakerley and R.Tulloch
In attendance: The Clerk, CCllr S.van de Ven and Bridget Smith
PC99/12 Apologies for absence:  Cllr Crosby
PC100/12 Declaration of Interest:
Cllr. Simmonett declared a Pecuniary Interest in Item PC110/12 as a resident of Greengage Rise
Cllr. Bloomfield declared a Non-Pecuniary Interest in Item PC112/12 as an employee is a cheque recipient.
Cllr Barrett declared a Non-Pecuniary Interest as a member of the SCDC Planning Committee
Cllr Sherwen declared a Pecuniary Interest in Item PC112/12 as a cheque recipient
Cllr Linnette declared a Non-Pecuniary Interest in PC115/12 as he knows the builder
PC101/12 Minutes of the meeting held on 26th November, 2012: It was proposed by Cllr. Hales and seconded by Cllr. Simmonett that the minutes of the meeting held on 26th November 2012 be signed as a true record.
PC102/12 Matters Arising: None
PC103/12 To receive a report from CCllr S. van de Ven

  1. A10 Corridor Cycle Campaign:  a launch meeting for this new group, for which I’ve had considerable help scoping out from the County Council, Sustrans and the Cambridge Cycle Campaign, will take place 29 January, 7:30PM, at the Elin Way Community Room in Meldreth.
  2. Mettle Hill: Meldreth Parish Council has submitted a bid to purchase Mettle Hill from Cambs County Council and this should be completed in the spring. The District Council has pulled out citing the inappropriateness of a bidding war with a parish council.  Meldreth PC will in due course be consulting on the future use of the site for community benefit.  I would like to thank the Melbourn Business Association for their invitation to the travelling community of Meldreth to join the association and also to the Parish Council for including one of the families from The Boulevard Showmen’s site at the Chairman’s reception last week. This was greatly appreciated, and the present time is a great opportunity to build on ties that have been established over the past ten years.
  3. The County Council is investing £90 million over the next four years on roads, pavements and cycleways. As local member I will be making a case for priorities in Melbourn and have asked Cllr Hales to send me a list of priorities.

Cllr Hales reported that all councillors had been asked to include the state of the roads and pavements in their street allocation reports, including photos of problem areas. Both Cllrs Hales and van de Ven stressed the need for urgency in this matter so that it could be presented to County in good time.

    • From last week’s Rail User Group:
    • Network Rail’s feasibility study to close Foxton Level Crossing is progressing well and having scoped out the breadth of the project, is now moving to a detailed stage.  We were told that as part of the project NR is looking at the possibility of closing some very rural level crossings in this area too; there are a number between Meldreth and Melbourn. This is in line with its national policy.
    • We’ve received donations of a compost bin, and also £100 from a rail commuter, in support of the community gardens project.
    • We had a new member join us from Melbourn, who is concerned about the difficulty faced by parents of young children accessing the station from the Melbourn side, considering the lack of a ramp to the platform and the difficulty of getting over the bridge with a buggy.  She has also pointed out that this limits access to the Children’s Centre by those relying on public transport.  The Rail User Group will be conducting an access audit of the station and including some case studies around mobility issues as part of our campaign to get access improvements.

PC104/12: To receive a presentation from Cllr Bridget Smith about fund raising:
Bridget Smith introduced herself and presented the council with some possible options for the level of assistance she might be able to provide in relation to accessing and achieving grant funding for council projects:

  1. To provide support to enable the council to develop the skills to make its own applications;
  2. To provide help to prepare evidential documentation in support of funding applications;
  3. To provide assistance in creating a Funding Schedule using Grant Finder, which lists all the funding streams. She explained that each project needs to be broken up into sections in order to attract small pots of money from a variety of grant-making bodies;
  4. To provide assistance in filling in application forms and giving the correct emphasis on aspects of projects to fit the requirements of each grant-making body. She stressed the importance of creating excitement among the grant-makers and by appealing to a wide cross-section of society when seeking funds. There is a need to try to qualify for Revenue Funding and there is a need to show the project will have a social impact.

The council requested that she participates in helping find funding for the hub initially and then look at other plans when they are being worked on. She will e-mail the Parish Clerk with a proposal which will then be taken to the council’s next meeting for ratification.
ACTION: The Clerk
PC105/12: To receive an update from the Play Parks Team
This was received with thanks.
Cllr Mowatt said that, at some time in the near future, the council needs to turn its attention to the Play Area on the Moor.
PC106/12: To sign the Development Agreement between Iceni/Hundred Houses Society and Melbourn Parish Council
This agreement is not ready to be signed. When it is ready, it can be signed by the Chairman and does not require a meeting of the Parish Council.
PC107/12: To receive a grant funding request of up to £700 for the Celebrating Ages Event to be held in February, 2013.
Cllrs Hales and Bloomfield presented the details of this proposed event which is aimed at bringing together the different age groups within the village. This event is to be staged in Melbourn Village College involving pupils and older residents on Wednesday, 27th February during the schools PHSE time. The council considered this to be a worthwhile event. IT WAS PROPOSED BY CLLR BARRETT, SECONDED BY CLLR TOWNSEND THAT MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL GRANTS A SUM OF UP TO £700 IN SUPPORT OF THE CELEBRATING AGES EVENT. This was CARRIED.
PC108/12: To sign an agreement between SITA Trust and the Parish Council
The agreement, for the refurbishment of Clear Crescent Play Area, was signed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council.
PC109/12: To consider a request from Melbourn and Meldreth Self-Help Group for a grant.
Cllrs Hales and Bloomfield spoke in favour of awarding the grant. The council welcomed the work being done by the group. IT WAS PROPOSED BY CLLR STEAD, SECONDED BY CLLR BLOOMFIELD THAT MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL AWARD MELBOURN AND MELDRETH SELF-HELP GROUP A GRANT OF £600 FOR THE COMING YEAR. This was CARRIED.
PC110/12: To consider a request from a resident of Greengage Rise for an extra salt bin
A discussion took place about the need for an extra salt bin in Greengage Rise and the deployment of other bins throughout the village. This is to be considered by the next meeting of the Highways Committee and councillors were asked to include any requests in their street allocation reports. In the meantime, IT WAS PROPOSED BY CLLR HALES, SECONDED BY CLLR TOWMSEND THAT MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL PURCHASE A SALT BIN TO BE PLACED AT THE BOTTOM OF GREENGAGE RISE. This was CARRIED.
PC111/12: To receive Financial Reports
The council received the report form the Clerk for the period up to the end of October. The Clerk also reported that he was researching the possibility in investing some money in fixed rate bonds.
ACTION: The Clerk
PC112/12: To receive details of cheques to be drawn on the Parish Council’s Account as detailed or amended by late payments. To approve payment and agree the amount(s) to be transferred from the Business ‘No Notice’ Account to the Current Account.
Cheque list Start of year 01/04/12
Chequenu    Paid    mber    Tn. no    date    Gross    Vat    Net    Cttee    Supplier    Details
103528    357    £895.20    £149.20    £746.00    PLAY    PAS Building Services    works to paint mushroom
103529    358    £94.52    £0.00    £94.52    F&GP    Tim Stebbings    work up to 26/11/12
103529    359    £114.75    £0.00    £114.75    F&GP    Tim Stebbings    work 1/12/12
103529    395    £67.50    £0.00    £67.50    F&GP    Tim Stebbings    Litter picking services 08.12.12
103529    396    £129.78    £0.00    £129.78    F&GP    Tim Stebbings    litter picking services 16.12.12 + replacement tools
103529    £406.55    £0.00    £406.55
103530    360    £505.32    £84.22    £421.10    CEM    Bannold    granite for the cemetery
103531    361    £67.50    £0.00    £67.50    PLAY    Melbourn Play Parks    Hire of hall for quiz
103532    368    £54.00    £9.00    £45.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    over mark 1 pitch
103532    369    £444.00    £74.00    £370.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    Cutting of Clear Cres hedges
103532    370    £672.00    £112.00    £560.00    CEM    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    Cutting of ORC hedge
103532    371    £54.00    £9.00    £45.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    over mark 1 pitch
103532    372    £288.00    £48.00    £240.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    Spike Old Rec & New Rec
103532    374    £1,572.00    £262.00    £1,310.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    Lift trees on OR + clearing debris
103532    375    £408.00    £68.00    £340.00    CON    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    Cutting of Cambridge Road hedge
103532    376    £108.00    £18.00    £90.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    overmarking 2 pitches
103532    377    £42.00    £7.00    £35.00    PLAY    Herts And Cambs Ground Maintenance Limited    overmark 1 pitch
103532    £3,642.00    £607.00    £3,035.00
103533    373    £103.50    £0.00    £103.50    F&GP
A. Mellor    F&G meeting & minutes
103534    381    £10.00    £0.00    £10.00    F&GP    CAPS    deduction from wages
103535    383    £50.00    £0.00    £50.00    CON    Land Registry    deed of dedication: Millennium Copse
103536    385    £490.00    £0.00    £490.00    F&GP    The Barn Tea Rooms    food for Chairman’s Reception
103537    386    £192.00    £32.00    £160.00    F&GP    V.b. Trophies    2012 Community Support Awards
103538    387    £110.10    £0.00    £110.10    F&GP    Michelle Cooper    work on the accounts
103539    388    £135.14    £0.00    £135.14    F&GP    Mike Sherwen    wine for Chairman’s Reception
103540    389    £348.00    £58.00    £290.00    CON    MD Landscapes    grass cutting for October
103540    390    £786.00    £131.00    £655.00    CON    MD Landscapes    Grass cutting November
103540    391    £612.00    £102.00    £510.00    CON    MD Landscapes    Grass cutting    September
103540    392    £1,440.00    £240.00    £1,200.00    CEM    MD Landscapes    repairs in NRC + hedge cutting
103540    £3,186.00    £531.00    £2,655.00
103541    394    £43.20    £7.20    £36.00    F&GP    Stationery Cupboard    paper & files
103542    397    £738.82    £0.00    £738.82    HWY    Cambridgeshire County Council    Street lighting charges 2012-113
103543    398    £66.50    £0.00    £66.50    PLAY    Alison Cockburn    Litter picking &pavilion on match days
103544    399    £120.00    £0.00    £120.00    F&GP    Cambridgeshire ACRE    membership renewal for 5 years
103545    400    £284.73    £0.00    £284.73    F&GP    G.D. Squires    wages
103545    401    £13.20    £0.00    £13.20    F&GP    G.D. Squires    mileage allowance 22×0.60
103545    £297.93    £0.00    £297.93
103546    402    £495.85    £0.00    £495.85    F&GP    K. Rudge    wages
103546    403    £73.80    £0.00    £73.80    F&GP    K. Rudge    mileage allowance 123 x 0.60
103546    £569.65    £0.00    £569.65
103547    404    £834.48    £0.00    £834.48    F&GP    P. Andrews    wages
103548    405    £1,394.01    £0.00    £1,394.01    F&GP    Peter Horley    clerk’s salary
103549    406    £836.72    £0.00    £836.72    F&GP    HM Revenue & Customs    Tax & NI
Total    £14,694.62    £1,410.62    £13,284.00
         The Clerk recommended the transfer of £16,000 from the No Notice Account to the Current Account.
         It was proposed by Cllr. Simmonett that the cheques be approved and signed. Seconded by Cllr Townsend and approved.
PC113/12 Correspondence:
(a) Letter from Victim Support re: grant was noted
(b)  Letter from MAGPAS re: grant was noted
(c) Letter from the Secretary of St George’s Allotment Association requesting a £100 contribution towards its AGM. IT WAS PROPOSED BY CLLR TULLOCH, SECONDED BY CLLR STEAD THAT MELBOURN PARISH COUNCIL GRANTS ST GEORGE’S ALLOTMENT ASSOCIATION £100 TOWARDS THE COST OF ITS AGM. This was CARRIED.
A discussion followed about the necessity to encourage all allotments holders to join the Association in order to have insurance cover. The Parish Council is to insist that all allotment holders are insured either through the St George’s Allotment Association or individually. If allotment holders choose to insure individually then the Parish Council obliges them to lodge a copy of that insurance document with the Parish Council.
(d) E-mail from Mr A.Hawden re: proposed developments in New Road: The Clerk to write to Mr Hawden on this manner after liaising with Cllr Hales about the details of any planned development.
ACTION: The Clerk and Cllr Hales
PC114/12 To receive an notifications or planning consultation documents: None
PC115/12 To consider the following planning applications
(a)  Application to undertake work on trees situated within a Tree Preservation Order at 8, The Lawns, Melbourn SG8 6BA
This was completed with the comments ‘We would prefer/refer to advice from the Tree Officer’.
(b) Application to undertake work on trees situated within a Tree Preservation Order at 6, The Lawns, Melbourn SG8 6BA
This was completed with the comments ‘We would prefer/refer to advice from the Tree Officer’.
(c) Planning Application for an extension & alterations to roof at 27, The Moor, Melbourn SG8 6ED.
This was recommended for approval without comment.
(d) Planning application for internal and external alterations (amendments to S/1984/10) – rebuild chimney stack, alter partitions, insert and replace doors, lights, floors and cupboard and boiler area at the Pink Geranium, 25, Station Road, Melbourn SG8 6DX.

[Before considering this item Cllr Linnette withdrew from the meeting]

This was recommended for approval without comment.

[At this point Cllr Linnette returned to the meeting].

(e) Planning application for a permanent single storey dwelling following removal of mobile home and replacement stable block with associated hard-surfaced drive/turning area and new gate at Westfield Orchard, Ashwell Street, Melbourn SG8 0RS.
This was recommended for approval without comment.
PC116/12  Urgent matters: None

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.47pm


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