Appendix One

Melbourn Community Hub Progress Report

Melbourn Community Hub Subcommittee


  • Planning Application for Old Police Site scheduled to be considered by SCDC
  • Planning committee on 4th July 2012
  • Negotiations on Hub Purchase Contract are proceeding.
  • Trust Deed signed by trustees of the Holding Trust.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction   3
2. Interactions with Suppliers   3

2.1. Purchase Contract   3

2.2. Application for Planning Permission   3

2.3. Review of Building Costs    3

3. General Communications Activities    4

3.1. Formal Meetings of the Hub Subcommittee:.    4

3.2. Informal Meetings    4

3.3. Press Reports   4

3.4. Melbourn Magazine    4

4. Project Plan     4
5. Holding Trust   4

5.1. Holding Trust Deed:   4

5.2. Business Plan     4

5.3. Consultation and Publicity    4

6. Purchases    5

1. Introduction

This is the seventh progress report concerning the Community Hub Project and summarises the work carried out by the Hub Subcommittee during the month of May 2012.

The headings of the report follow notional project work streams and logical cross links between streams are identified where appropriate.

Most of the work is of an on-going nature and so will be subject to further updates in future reports.

In view of the forthcoming presentation of a formal Review Report for consideration by the Parish Council, this progress report has been restricted to purely key matters of progress update.

2. Interactions with Suppliers

2.1. Purchase Contract

Work on the purchase contract between Hundred Houses and Melbourn Parish Council continues to proceed. Birketts provided Blocks with a revised draft of the sale agreement on 14th May and a response from Blocks to this draft is understood to be awaited.

2.2. Application for Planning Permission

Hundred Houses submitted their formal planning application on 15th March. It is understood that this application will be considered by SCDC planning committee at their meeting on 4th July 2012. This is a change from the 11th June date, when the matter was previously expected to have been considered by that committee.

A meeting between the SCDC planning officer and Hundred Houses is scheduled for 7th June. It is expected that representatives from Melbourn Parish Council will attend.

2.3. Review of Building Costs

Invitations to tender were issued by Hundred Houses during week ending Friday 27th April. Closing date for response to these invitations is understood to be Friday 8th June. Following their return, sight of the tender documents will be available to Melbourn Parish Council, and their quantity surveyor, as part of an open book evaluation process. This will enable Melbourn Parish Council to establish a best value for money agreement with Hundred Houses for the purchase of the Community Hub building.

3. General Communications Activities

3.1. Formal Meetings of the Hub Subcommittee:

A formal meeting of the Hub Subcommittee took place on 1st May. The only business item on the agenda was the allocation of sub-authors in the preparation of the Review Report. No minutes for the meeting have been issued to date.

3.2. Informal Meetings

A meeting of the Hub Holding Trust took place on 16th May, attended by representatives of Melbourn Parish Council. Minutes for that meeting have been produced separately and are not routinely published.

3.3. Press Reports

No press reports are understood to have been produced within this reporting period.

3.4. Melbourn Magazine

A number of articles about the Hub have been prepared for the net edition of the Melbourn Magazine.

4. Project Plan

Hundred Houses issued a revised set of target dated for the Old Police Site development project in the light of the change of the date when the application will be considered by the SCDC planning committee. The revised plan was issued on 17th May as ‘Rev C’ and the dates it provided are set out in Appendix 1.

5. Holding Trust

The Holding Trust generates independent meeting notes. A meeting of the Holding Trust took place on 16th May. Key matters addressed at the meeting included the following:

5.1. Holding Trust Deed:

Work on this is now complete and the deed signed by the Trustees

5.2. Business Plan

Work on this is proceeding well and will be reported on by the Hub Subcommittee as part of the Review Report

5.3. Consultation and Publicity

This aspect continues to be regarded by the Trustees as their most important activity at the present time. A variety of face-to-face and more formal sessions have taken place and are in the planning stage.

6. Purchases

From time to time, invoices are received and paid by the Parish Council relating to commissions and purchases made on the Hub project. For instance: fees invoices from Birketts Solicitors for work done to date. Details of the receipt and payment of such invoices are published elsewhere by the Parish Council and are not restated in this Progress Report.

Old Police Site Key Dates

Rev C – 17 May 2012
Agree principles of HoT’s with MPC – Complete
Planning pre-application – Complete
Planning application – Validated 16 March
Commission bat survey – Commissioned
Issue tender documents – Issued
Commence bat survey – w/c 21 May 2012
Commission Archaeological desk study – w/c 21 May 2012
Complete bat survey – 31 May 2012
Agree final HoT’s with MPC – 31 May 2012
Tender returns – 8 June 2012
Advise preliminary costs to MPC – 15 June 2012
Issue tender report – 20 June 2012
Advise pre-final costs to MPC (except costs associated with planning) – 22 June
Agree pre-final costs with MPC – 27 June 2012
Planning decision – 4 July 2012
Agree costs associated with planning conditions with contractor – 11 July 2012
Advise final costs to MPC – 12 July 2012
Agree final costs with MPC – 19 July 2012
Award Building Contract – 23 July 2012
Mitigation licence awarded – 1 August 2012
Allowance for Archaeological field work – August 2012
Commence works on site – 24 September 2012
Completion – 27 November 2013

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